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Albert George Storace

Musicologist and opera critic

Journalist - Times od Malta

"This is an utterly gorgeous experience. It has been a long time since I heard such a Turandot! The voice is very powerful, has a very wide range and remains steady and pure in its very power in every register. What is so pleasing to the ear is that there is no hint of shrillness in the voice, not even in the highest climacti notes. The interpretation is stunningly direct and even in Turandot's hurt and vengeful account of what had happened to her ancestress, there is a note of anguish and hurt which drives her on to turn even more cruel. She hurls the challenge when the scene merges in her defiant presentation of the enigmas. Calaf is up to the challenge countering the threat of death for failure with a positive message lauding life. The whole scene sent shivers down my spine"

Michele Italia (Ragusa Oggi)

Fotografie: Manzella